Fatal & Fallen: Panel

As part of Reframe: Fatal & Fallen, curators Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and Jade Barget, (of interdisciplinary platform XING) will be in discussion with four thinkers to share their knowledge about the East Asian region’s three decades of socio-political context, when years of post-war depression, struggling dictatorship, foreign military rule, Cold War and rapid industrialisation sought outlets in extreme cinematic imagery. Together they will ask: Against the region's historical context, what socio-political knowledge arises from these films? How might we mediate the ambivalence of the dissenting and hypersexualised woman as portrayed in the space of East Asian exploitation films?
Online panel discussion, 1:39:56 mins  Featuring:
Dr. Wafa Ghermani
Deputy of the Film Collection Promotion Department
La Cinémathèque française.

Alexander Zahlten
Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Harvard University

Molly Kim
Adjunct Professor
Hanyang University

Dr. Tingting Hu
Associate Professor Research Fellow
Wuhan University